Struggle with Insomnia? Here’s a how a sleep coach can help.

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Sleep Coach

Approximately 30%-50% of adults struggle with insomnia.

Do you struggle with insomnia? You’re not alone! Did you know that approximately 30%-50% of Americans struggle with insomnia at some point in their life? For some, insomnia can be brief. It can be caused by situational factors like a big project due at work or planning a wedding. Once those situations are over, insomnia may improve. However, for about 10% of those with insomnia, it can become chronic. Once we struggle with insomnia, many of us have no idea how to improve it! You may ask family and friends what sleep tips they have or spend hours on the internet looking for remedies. If you’ve done all the right things and still feel stuck and unsure on how to improve your sleep, it’s time to consider a sleep coach.

So, what is a sleep coach?

Think of a sleep coach as a personal trainer for your sleep! Why do people go to personal trainers? You may know that your eating habits could improve, and you need to exercise more, but sometimes you just don’t know exactly where to start or what to focus on first. Or maybe you know you need to make some improvements, but also know that you need the accountability of a personal trainer to stay motivated. Plus, you’re busy, and you know a personal trainer will suggest foods that are best for your body type and may even create a meal plan tailored just specifically to you. Convenience, knowledge, and accountability are just a few key reasons why you might use a personal trainer. Those same reasonings apply to a sleep coach as well.

  • A sleep coach will look at many different things that pertain to sleep. Lifestyle choices, daily patterns, caffeine intake, nighttime behaviors, thought processes, and more. They will let you know where changes can occur that will positively impact your sleep.
  • A sleep coach can help explain “how sleep works” and let you know what behaviors may perpetuate insomnia, and what behaviors may help insomnia. We’ve found that people are more willing to make the changes they need to if they understand the reasonings behind it.
  • If you have negative thoughts around your sleep, a sleep coach can help undo some of that negative thinking. This can help pave the way for a more successful night.

Professional sleep coaches who know insomnia

At Delta Sleep Coaching, all sleep coaches are registered sleep technologists and have additional certifications in clinical sleep health.  Most sleep coaches have also experienced insomnia themselves (working night shift is hard on sleep). They have been able to improve their sleep with the same CBTI techniques and methods we use with our clients. Click here to find out more about our founding sleep coach.

How does sleep coaching work?

After signup, you will receive continuous coaching for approximately 4-8 weeks (depending on the severity of the sleep issues).

  • The methods and techniques used by our sleep coaches is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (or CBTI). CBTI is the recommended first line approach for insomnia by the National Institutes of Healththe American College of Physicians, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. As many as 70%-80% of people with insomnia experience improvements in their sleep from a CBTI program.
  • You will fill out daily sleep diaries so that your sleep coach can follow along each day and see what happened the night before. Sleep diaries are also a great way to see the progress and improvements that are being made throughout the program.
  • There will be regular phone calls with your sleep coach so that you can have in-depth conversations regarding your sleep. Once a sleep improvement plan has been created, phone calls are important in discussing results and allow for questions/comments.
  • Not only will you be able to improve sleep in the short term, but you will also learn what techniques work best for you and how to continue applying them in the long term. This ensures that if insomnia does come creeping back into your life, you will know how to recognize it and get your sleep back on track.
  • The great thing about our process is that everything is done without ever having to leave home! Your time is important and valuable, and we respect that.

If insomnia is taking over your life, let a sleep coach help get things back on track! Signup today!