Poor sleep affects work productivity and morale

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Sleep and Work

38% of Americans have admitted to being fatigued at work due to poor sleep.

We’ve all had a night of poor sleep. No matter the reason, having a poor night can make the workday feel brutal. An extra cup of coffee here and there isn’t a huge deal, but what happens when a bad night turns into a bad week, or even a bad month?  Eventually, your work productivity will be affected. The more tired we become, the more irritable and mistake prone we are, and ultimately, errors at work WILL happen.  

Productivity and missed workdays can add up. The costs due to poor sleep are high.

A study in 2015 estimated that sleep-deprivation related losses cost the U.S. up to $411 billion dollars a year. Not only does it cost employers money, but each year poor sleep leads to 1.2 million lost working days, greatly diminishing work productivity. 

Poor sleep can also lead to many problems while at work:  

  • Communication breakdowns 
  • Peer/team difficulties  
  • Declining morale  
  • Increased errors/mistakes  
  • Increase in non-productive work hours (late arrivals, longer lunch breaks, early departures etc.)  

Having a sleep health plan in place can mean a better culture for your office. 

The biggest problem often lies with what we do about poor sleep. Everyone must sleep, but few know what to do when sleep goes wrong. Having a plan in place for your employees to improve their sleep health can mean a better culture for your office. Offering employees access to sleep coaching, educational meetings, or incorporating a sleep improvement service into your EAP, can ensure employees have a way to improve their poor sleep. This can help productivity losses from happening and keep the morale of your office high.      

Offering sleep health related services can also attract new hires.

Up to 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia and it’s likely one of your future job applicants suffers as well. Even though many Americans suffer from poor sleep, many feel there aren’t enough easily accessible resources out there that can help them. High costs, lack of available professionals, and an abundance of online misinformation can lead to insomnia sufferers to feel hopeless in finding help. Having a sleep health plan for your employees can make new hires feel your company appreciates their employees. By offering a service that improves your employees sleep health, it will ultimately lead to better overall health. Healthier employees will often lead to happier employees. 

Delta Sleep Coaching provides corporate programs that can improve the sleep health of your business.

Offering a sleep health service for your employees is an easy and stress-free process. Delta Sleep Coaching offers Corporate Programs that fit your company’s needs. Whether your company is large or small, Delta Sleep can help create a program that fits your strategy and budget. We offer lunch and learns, sleep health information customized to your profession, individual sleep coaching services and more. Contact Delta Sleep Coaching today for more information on how you can improve the sleep health of your company.