How To Choose the Right Sleep Coach for you

by | May 2, 2023 | Sleep Coach

If you are among the millions of people who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders, you may be considering hiring a sleep coach. A sleep coach is a professional who helps people identify and overcome obstacles to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep coaches use a variety of techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBTI), relaxation therapy, stimulus control and sleep hygiene education. Although many of the techniques and methods sleep coaches use may be similar, the delivery and sleep improvement plan may vary from person to person, based on their individual sleep problems.

If you are considering hiring a sleep coach, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In this article, we will discuss what to look for in a sleep coach.

 What is a sleep coach?

A sleep coach is a professional who helps people identify and overcome obstacles to get a good night’s sleep. They use a variety of techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBTI), relaxation therapy, stimulus control and sleep hygiene education.

Sleep coaches offer personalized plans to help people manage insomnia, sleep anxiety, stress, and other sleep disruptions. They use evidence-based techniques to help people develop healthy sleep habits and routines. The typical sleep coach may provide the following services:

– An initial interview and evaluation to understand the individual’s sleep patterns, history, and needs.

– Development of a personalized sleep plan.

– Understanding of the psychology behind sleep and guidance on developing healthy sleep habits.

– Guidance on understanding the effect of sleep on physical and mental health.

– Education on sleep hygiene and strategies for getting better sleep.

– Identifying common sleep issues and how to manage them.

– Education and support for developing a personalized bedtime routine.

– Helping make lifestyle changes to promote better sleep.

– Advice and support in addressing the underlying causes of sleep problems.

– Ongoing follow-up and evaluation of progress.

The benefits of working with a sleep coach

Working with a sleep coach comes with a range of benefits. Not only will you be able to receive the support that you need but you will also be able to address the underlying causes of your sleep issues. Here are some of the key benefits of working with a sleep coach:

– Increased understanding of sleep and the importance of good sleep hygiene

– More effective strategies to get better sleep and reduce insomnia

– Targeted advice on how to better manage stress, anxiety and depression

– Expert guidance on recognizing and addressing the underlying causes of sleep problems

– More effective ways to manage sleep disruption to improve overall sleep quality

– Improved bedtime behaviors that enables better quality sleep and allows for better rest

– Greater awareness of the impact of lifestyle choices on sleep

– More consistent and healthy sleep habits

– Proactive support and accountability for ongoing follow-up and evaluation of progress

– Access to resources to better understand and address sleep issues

– Improved work performance and better mood as a result of better sleep

 What to look for in a sleep coach

When selecting a sleep coach, there are some key considerations you need to keep in mind. Look for the following qualities in a sleep coach:

– Qualified and experienced in helping people with sleep issues. Because there are no certification requirements for sleep coaches, it is important to find someone who has the qualifications and experience to help you with your sleep issues. Sleep coaches with certifications in the healthcare field are preferred.

– Knowledgeable about different sleep-related topics including sleep hygiene, sleep cycles, insomnia, sleep disorders, stress, and medications.

– Willingness to take the time to listen to your concerns, ask relevant questions, and engage you in productive conversations to ensure that you get the best results possible.

– Ability to use data to track and pinpoint any issues.

– Access to resources that may be useful for tackling underlying causes of sleep issues, such as stress or anxiety.

– Compassionate and understanding to make you feel comfortable when discussing your sleep issues.

– Empathetic and non-judgmental approach while providing advice.

– Suitable communication modes and easy-to-use technology to help facilitate the process.

– Integrity and commitment to providing helpful advice and guidance in a timely manner.

How to find a sleep coach that’s right for you.

Finding the right sleep coach is an important step to getting the best possible guidance and help to tackle sleep difficulties. Here are a few steps that could help you to find the perfect sleep coach for your needs:

  1. Review Credentials: Check their qualifications and experience in the field of sleep disorders or healthcare. Ask questions about their training and past successes to gauge their expertise.
  2. List Your Goals: Write down your main concerns and objectives as it will help narrow down your search.
  3. Ask Questions: Ask any potential sleep coaches questions regarding their experience and methods. Ask for past testimonials if they are not readily visible on their website.
  4. Schedule: Once you have identified a coach who matches your needs and expectations, schedule an initial consultation.
  5. Follow-Up Care: Make sure that your sleep coach provides follow-up care to assess your progress and makes the necessary adjustments.


Finding the right sleep coach for your needs can be a daunting process. Delta Sleep Coaching has highly experienced and qualified sleep coaches ready to help guide you through a CBTI program that is 70-80% effective in improving insomnia symptoms. If you’re ready to start your sleep improvement journey, sign up today.