Corporate Programs That Benefit You and Your Workers

In today’s competitive corporate landscape, your business needs to stand out to current and prospective employees by offering benefits and services that truly help them.

Lunch and Learn

One effective way to help your employees and improve their work performance is by offering them a Lunch and Learn program from Delta Sleep Coaching.

Delta Sleep’s corporate presentations inform employees about ways they can improve their sleep and how improved sleep can impact every aspect of their daily lives, including their productivity in the workplace.

Additionally, these programs explain what CBTI is and how sleep coaching can help anyone who struggles with insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

Employee Assistance Program Packages

To go a step further, many businesses offer their employees an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Creating an EAP is an excellent way to show potential and current employees you’re serious about their wellbeing.

By offering Delta Sleep Coaching’s services in your benefits package, you can ensure that your staff is getting adequate sleep—greatly improving their lives and work performance.

Workplace & Sleep Facts

The following information was gathered from Sleep Foundation and The National Library of Medicine.

Lack of Sleep = Missed Work

According to National Library of Medicine, every year the U.S. loses 1.23 million working days due to insufficient sleep.

Irritable, Cranky Moods

Without sufficient sleep, people can become irritable, cranky, easily frustrated and even depressed. These changes can lead to poor communication or team difficulties.

Decreased Concentration & Performance

Sleep-deprived employees have more difficulty performing in the workplace and have decreased concentration compared to their peers. This can impact both individual and group performance.

Sleep Deprivation Costs Companies Money

These productivity and missed work costs add up. In 2015, it is estimated that sleep deprivation-related losses cost the United States between $280 billion and $411 billion.

Elevate Your Workforce With Delta Sleep

If you want to improve your recruitment/retention efforts and the health of your workforce, contact the Delta Sleep team to set up a lunch and learn or get a quote on a corporate plan!